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From Friday, May 1st, a new product, "Taiwan Fruit Tea," will be available for Mr. Donuts. It looks so cute !!!

Announcement of new Taiwanese fruit tea missed!

Last year's tapioca boom is also new to my memory, but from Misdo, cute drinks that will definitely look good on SNS will appear!

Taiwan fruit tea』Is a fruit tea under the supervision of Taiwan's popular tea stand" HOPECHA ", a new drink that combines tea and fruit.

Shake it ten times before drinking to soften the flavor of the fruit and jasmine tea, and enjoy the sweetness and sourness of the fruit and the taste of jasmine tea.

By shaking, the fruit inside will fly in the cup and it will be very beautiful! I'm looking forward to shaking and drinking!

Taiwan fruit teaThere are 4 types in total. The price will be 540 yen + tax from May 1st (Friday). Let's decide what to do now!

Passion fruit jasmine

The taste of Taiwanese passion fruit and fragrant jasmine tea match. Passion fruit's natural fruitiness, unique texture, and refreshing taste are attractive.

Price: 540 yen + tax

Pine Mango Jasmine

The sweetness peculiar to Taiwanese pineapple and Taiwanese mango was made to have the sourness of Taiwanese lemon. It is a dish where you can enjoy the harmony of tropical fruits and jasmine tea.

Price: 540 yen + tax

Orange pink grapefruit jasmine

We combined jasmine tea with orange and pink grapefruit, and added Taiwanese honey. A refreshing citrus flavor that goes well with jasmine tea, perfect for summer.

* Because honey is used, please do not give to children under 1 year old.

Price: 540 yen + tax

Mixed berry jasmine

It combines jasmine tea with the deep sweetness of three types of berries: blueberry, strawberry and raspberry. It is a drink that you can enjoy the taste of berries.

Price: 540 yen + tax

■ Sales period: May 1st (Friday) to early September (planned end of sale)
■ Target shops: All Mr. Donut shops (excluding some shops)
* Depending on the declaration of emergency and the request of the government and local governments, business hours may be changed or closed depending on the store.

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