I've been eating a new menu of crispy creamdonuts such as three new donuts topped with colorful sweets such as popcorn and marshmallows


I've been eating a new menu of crispy creamdonuts such as three new donuts topped with colorful sweets such as popcorn and marshmallows

Cookies, marshmallows, chunks of chocolate, popcorn, and other colorful sweets topped with three types of donuts full of white, strawberry, black chocolateSWEET SURPRISE BOX, The United States-born donut chain,Crispy cream donutStarted for a limited time. Two kinds of drinks with plenty of banana flesh have also appeared, so I have tasted it with donuts.

SWEET SURPRISE BOX | Crispy Cream Donut

Arrived at Crispy Cream Donut.

Standing signboards placed in stores and …

On the poster beside the entrance, "SWEET SURPRISE BOX" was appealing.

The ordered menu will be given at the counter next to the cash register.

This time, I ordered three kinds of SWEET SURPRISE BOX donuts and two new drinks.

First,White caramel carnival”(230 yen excluding tax).

White chocolate cream is placed on the base donut, and stripes are drawn with caramel sauce.

Toppings are caramel popcorn and pretzel.

When I try it, the texture of the donut dough is fluffy. The flavor of caramel and white chocolate cream is quite rich, but the donut has a plain taste of the dough, so it is perfect for dark toppings. The topped pretzel is crispy and slightly salty, giving a good accent.

“ Sweet strawberry magic '' (230 yen excluding tax) is pink strawberry chocolate, multicoloredSprinkleDonuts with a pop look sprinkled with.

Marshmallows, chocolate chip cookies cut in half, and chocolate puffs are also topped.

The name "sweet strawberry" was assumed to be a sweet strawberry taste, but the gentle sweetness of the dough itself is stronger than the taste of strawberry chocolate. What should be noted is the “texture”, where you can enjoy the crispy sprinkle, crisp cookies, and fluffy marshmallow each time you chew. Chocolate puffs are so-called barley chocolates. When you chew the chocolate coating on the surface, you will feel the gentle sweetness of the pon confectionery.

On the coating of bitter chocolate, the bigger chunk chocolate, two kinds of chocolate chips, chocolate puffs and just chocolate are all “Happy chunky chocolate'' (230 yen excluding tax)

Perhaps because the chocolate chips are abundantly topped, the "bitterness" of the coated bitter chocolate is hardly felt, and the taste is sweet and rich chocolate. Chewing a large chunk of chocolate spreads the flavor of the chocolate all over the mouth, so it was a donut that you could fully enjoy the flavor of the chocolate.

In addition to donuts, two limited-time drinks that can enjoy the taste of bananas have also appeared. "Crispy Frozen Banana & Caramel Pretzel(540 yen without tax) is a caramel milk flavored frozen drink mixed with pretzel.

On top of the cream are banana pulp and crushed pretzel.

The banana flesh was sinking at the bottom of the drink.

Banana pulp that is boiled sweetly until it becomes soft matches the mild and gentle sweetness of milk, making it a drink that is quite easy to drink. On the other hand, the taste of caramel is hardly felt. The pretzel was salty and accented with the texture along with the crushed ice.

A milk-based drink with banana pulp in banana sauce and caramel sauce is “ hot caramel banana '' (370 yen excluding tax)

When you drink it, the flavor of the caramel emphasizes the mild sweetness of the banana, and it is a hot drink that you can relax when you drink it. Crispy pretzel absorbs moisture over time and soaks up, so you may want to eat it early if you want to enjoy the texture accents.

January 15, 2020 at White Caramel Carnival, Sweet Strawberry Magic, Happy Chunky Chocolate, Crispy Frozen Banana & Caramel Pretzel, and Hot Caramel Banana at all stores except for events and special events It is offered for a limited time from the day to the end of February 2020, but it will end as soon as it runs out.

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