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A seasonal menu titled "Let's go around Kyushu with sushi" will appear on the conveyor belt sushi chain "Kappa Sushi" from Wednesday, February 5th. I actually ate.

Kappa sushi "Let's go around Kyushu with sushi"

This month's “Kappa Sushi” features a variety of Kyushu stories, such as “Kumamoto Pref. Active Shimaji” and “Kagoshima Pref. I got a recommended menu one step ahead.

Lago grilled bonito from Kagoshima Prefecture 2 buns 100 yen + tax

Skipjack that was baked by the far infrared effect of lava stone. No smell, smooth aftertaste. The ginger was effective, so it was refreshing despite the richness.

Kyushu Nigiri 3 280 yen + tax

The three types of "Hakata Mentai Wrapping", "Katsushima Shimaji" and "Kagoshima prawns" are all in one dish.

"Hakata Mentai Wrapping" has the impact of the scent of large leaves and the large, firm and spicy homemade mentaiko. It is the perfect taste for sake.

"Katashi Shima Aji" was a taste that was able to feel the savory taste of fish fat with a low melting point and a melting point.

"Kagoshima prawns" are shrimp with a smooth taste in contrast to sweet shrimp. It is not so sticky at all, it has good crispness and crispness, and the taste is refreshing, so it is a taste that you can eat as many as you want.

Kyushu horse mackerel licking 100 yen + tax

Smooth texture and crunchy fine texture. It is the best rich taste as a ate of sake.

Kagoshima Pref.

When I heard that it was Shiroko, I prepared it a little, but it had no surprising odor and was a white tempura like white fish. I recommend eating with salt!

Pork kakuni nigiri 2 pieces 280 yen + tax

There is one piece on the big corner with a dawn and it is a perfect score!は There is no greasyness, and the crisp texture and sweet taste do not accumulate.

Akamoku Warship-Grilled Chicken Use-2 100 yen + tax

A warship of the seaweed "Akamoku" of the same brown algae as Wakame and Mekabu. The texture of Nevashaki and the flavor of Agodashi are in sushi rice, so you can eat it.

Shrimp Mentai Warship 2 100 yen + tax

Mentaiko uses Hakata's mentaiko, and the prawns are luxurious warships that accentuate the texture by using two types of shrimp, boiled in a shell and shrimp. I thought that the creamy and rich taste is a good match for dry sake.

Chawanmushi with pork stew 280 yen + tax

Pork kakuni, which was inspired by Topo boiled in Nagasaki, was crispy and topped with chawanmushi.

The sweet sauce of Kakuni is gentle sweetness, and it goes well with steamed tea bowl. Chawanmushi was a refreshing fluffy texture and gentle taste.

"Kappa Sushi" "Let's go around Kyushu with sushi" is a limited time menu that ends as soon as it is gone. Please enjoy the taste of Kyushu that you can only eat now!

Official site:Let's go around Kyushu with sushi | Kappa Sushi

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