Iwate Prefecture introduces LINE WORKS, a business chat-with the aim of establishing a migration consultation reception system

モ バ イ ル Works Mobile Japan announced on April 7 that Iwate Prefecture has introduced the business chat “LINE WORKS” provided by the company. Utilizing the communication application "LINE",Immigration consultation reception systemThe purpose is to build.

In Iwate Prefecture, information has been provided to prospective migrants through telephone, e-mail, and offline consultation counters in order to increase the number of migrants. On the other hand, telephone and e-mail and offline consultation counters have the problem of high barriers to consultation, and they are considering using LINE as a way to provide more casual consultation.

で は In this installation, we utilize LINE WORKS's external talk cooperation function. If you are considering relocating, registering your LINE WORKS account in Iwate Prefecture as a friend from your own LINE will allow you to easily consult Iwate Prefecture's counselors about migration on LINE.

The use of consultations will be analyzed from the consultation talk data accumulated in LINE WORKS in the future, and trends in needs and concerns about immigration will be analyzed, and appropriate information will be disseminated to those who are considering immigration. That.

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