Izumi Pinko surprises at Nara for the first time

Pinko Izumi [72] in Nara on the 19th, Kunihiko Mitamura [66] Fuyumi Sakamoto [52] and a special program for TV Osaka "Adult Journey Walk" [March 7 6:30 pm broadcast = Kansai Local] We recorded and walked around the city.

Izumi told Nara for the first time, "I was surprised at the number of deer. The park was like that. The Big Buddha was big." He said that the deer was pulling his jacket and said, "Some deer are good and some are not."

He said he went around the city of Nara, mainly sweets, and said, "It's cheap fruit sandwiches. If you're in Tokyo, we'll go eat."

It is the second time that Izumi and Sakamoto have made guest appearances on the program. The last time I visited Kobe in the broadcast last May. Izumi's second appearance is "It's like my own program." Sakamoto recalled, "I did the stage together, and the second one was at my own pace."

Izumi said in the places he wants to go in the future, "Fukui. I want to eat incense box crabs.

Mitamura of the program MC said, "I always travel with the host and follow me [with guests], but it has a mysterious form that follows Pinko and Fuyumi."

The 90-minute special airs for two weeks. On this 29th, we will visit Kyoto with Natsuko Godai [58] and Ayako Fuji [58] as guests.

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