J Front Retailing,the wholly owned subsidiary to the real estate business enhance targeting

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department stores operated by retail giant J Front Retailing,a subsidiary of the leading・pulse of the takeover bid to proceed,a wholly owned subsidiary of thoughts revealed. Public offer is a 2 month 17 Days, continue to qualify if the group’s real estate business to the centralized,large-scale complex development in the power pour.

The Tender Offer Price is 1 per share 1,850 yen. 12 month 25 day’s closing price by 36%to EURIBOR. J Front Retailing Parco shares 65% of the possession, and the remaining approximately 3,600 shares of all get to about 658 billion to invest. Public offer is a 12 month 27 days from the beginning. Public offer if is satisfied,the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange listing is being phased out.

J Front Retailing Parco’s wholly-owned subsidiary after the group’s real estate business to aggregate your thoughts. As the flagship for the Department store business in Tokyo,Osaka’s inner city except for the struggle to continue the sales decline to a halt from from these, the traditional Department store model from the rent earning commercial type model to shift the axis of AIM.

J Front Retailing is a wholly owned subsidiary about the reasons,the needs of the customer, in order to respond to decision making needs to be quick to point to stress.

2019 Year 9 months reopened, Chuo-ku, Osaka’s Daimaru Shinsaibashi 店本 Museum,sales area for the majority of real estate leasing in addition,in 2017, Chuo-ku, Tokyo’s Matsuzakaya Ginza store traces in commercial facilities,”Ginza collection”for the opening, and this trend to further strengthen them.

Parco is a group of commercial facilities and in 1969, Tokyo・Ikebukuro, in the J Front Retailing in 2012 was,with our equity method affiliates into such takeover bid by the subsidiary as. [Article: Takada, Yasushi・The article list to look at]

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