Jaguar E-type 3 style with Enzo Ferrari saying “the most beautiful in the world”

When asked what a beautiful car is, many car fans will mention the Jaguar E-type. The style that Enzo Ferrari described as "the most beautiful in the world", advanced design, and about half the price of Aston Martin DB4. It is a sports car that is jealous of designers without any gaps.


-Length 4440mm
● Overall width 1650mm
● Height 1220mm
● Vehicle weight 1219kg
● Engine type Water-cooled in-line 6-cylinder DOHC
Bore x stroke 87.0 x 107.0
● Total displacement 3781cc
● Compression ratio 9.0: 1
● Maximum output 269ps / 5500rpm
● Maximum torque 36.0kg-m / 4000rpm
● Steering rack & pinion
● Disc before and after brake
● Suspension front Independent suspension torsion bar / Rear independent suspension coil spring bar


A radiator grill with a very ferocious "Jaguar" emblem at the center. This emblem has been inherited even today.

The masterpiece that led the Jaguar after the Second World War to great success, the in-line 6-cylinder DOHC "XK" engine. The E type in the early series 1 era has a displacement of 3781㏄. Combining three SU carburetors generated 265ps. XK engine seen from the other side. Maintainability was excellent for this type of supersport, thanks to the layout of the whole nose that opened forward.

Behind the polished wire wheel is a four-wheel disc brake, still valuable at the time. It's a shot that tells how advanced Jaguar was at the time.

Published: Nostalgic Hero, October 2013, Vol. 160 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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