JAL invests in three next-generation mobility-related companies-realizing seamless movement and transportation

Japan Airlines [JAL] is a company related to next-generation mobility that is expected to contribute to the realization of seamless transportation through the Japan Airlines Innovation Fund, a CVC that invests in promising startups on February 21. Announced that it has invested in


OcThe investment was made by Volocopter GmbH, which develops the next generation air mobility “eVTOL” [electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft]. Bestmile SA is developing a platform that optimizes vehicle dispatch management. Fetch Robotics, a company that develops an automated material handling robot and management platform for large-scale facilities such as warehouses and factories.


The company will expand its business domain with the goal of “ shrinking the distance between people, goods and things around the world and realizing a prosperous society '' starting from the know-how and assets related to safe operations cultivated so far. It is said that it is aiming at.

One of the initiatives is to provide a “ combined air mobility service that realizes seamless movement and transportation, '' conclude a partnership agreement to verify logistics services using drones, and provide services using eVTOL. We are working on starting to consider offering.


In addition to this investment company, the company will further invest in, cooperate with, and co-create start-up companies in various fields in Japan and overseas. In order to expand this domain, through the support for growth by a specialized organization newly established within the company in January 2020, we will deepen our ties with the cutting-edge technologies and business models of each company, and feel a sense of speed more than ever. Achieve certain value creation.

In addition to creating medium- and long-term perspectives to create “ value that is one step ahead, '' we aim to achieve the SDGs by building the foundation for industry and technological innovation, and solving regional issues in areas such as disaster response and medical care. Promote initiatives.


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