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January 13, 2016, the fantasy glasses-type wearable terminal "Wearvue TG-1" was announced: what day is it today? -Engadget Japan Version

"Wearvue TG-1" is a glasses-type wearable terminal that can project images into the field of view. By moving the projection unit to the rear right and projecting it to the lens of the glasses, the advantage is that the screen can be projected without blocking the view.

This glasses-type wearable device was announced today in 2016.today1280 x 720 dots, approximately 260,000 colors can be displayed, and the input adopts HDMI. Surprisingly, it weighs only 50g [body only] and is super lightweight. The secret lies in the fact that all functions other than the display, including the battery, are relied on externally. If you consider that a power supply, cable, and Windows PC are required separately, the total weight when installed will be reasonably heavy, deviating from a smart impression. However, there was a merit in terms of glasses not being heavy and versatility. As you can see from the fact that it can not be used as it is, this product is not intended for general use, but is announced as a product for companies that assume that it is necessary to develop applications on their own.


The price is 216,000 yen, and it was starting up to reservation as scheduled to be released on February 29, but …Unfortunately, development and release have been discontinued.

According to the release

This decision was made as part of the review of the business portfolio and business management system, which is a management measure in the “New Toshiba Action Plan”.

And that. It was just after the discovery of dressing and settlement, and was it difficult to develop such a field with strong up-front investment? I think the development team was disappointed.


Major events on January 13

year 2012,Logitech launches C920 webcam
In 2015,Casio releases “EX-100PRO” compatible with 1000 fps shooting
In 2015,Sharp releases service manual for "X68000"
2016,Toshiba announces wearable terminal “ Wearvue TG-1 ''
2017,cheero launches Pokemon collaboration cable "CHE-245"


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