Japan defeat, 2nd place 5th or lower confirmed

Japan was defeated by the European powerhouse Spain. Japan, which has not lost the second league in the third league, turned back to 13-17 with aggressive shots from the command tower Mana Oyama [25 = Hokugoku Bank]. In the 18th minute, after the second half, Sakunan Yui [28 = Hokugoku Bank] decided the sky play and turned to 25-24. However, after that, he made mistakes and conceded consecutive runs. At the end, he was beaten and lost 2 points. Oyama with 6 points was selected as the MVP of the match.

Japan, which has won 0 wins and 4 losses [2 losses in the 1st league], 2 teams are ranked 5th or less after one game. There is no longer a ranking game for deciding 5th-8th place. Spain lost 3 wins and 1 loss. In the group, Russia, who won the Rio 2016 Olympics, decided to advance to the semi-finals in all four rounds.

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