Japan limited to 55│BMW M550i xDrive “ Ultimate Edition ''


The BMW M550i xDrive Ultimate Edition, equipped with a V8 engine designed by BMW M, appears in the 7th generation BMW 5 Series, which was fully remodeled in 2017. This model boasts the highest driving performance in the series.

The seventh-generation BMW 5 Series is an executive sedan with an elegant and sporty design, featuring a gorgeous roof line and a kidney grille that emphasizes wideness. The BMW M550i xDrive, on the other hand, is the model that demonstrates the highest driving performance of the BMW 5 Series, and is equipped with a V8 twin-turbo engine and a maximum output of 531PS [390kW] / 5,500-6,000rpm. The maximum torque is 750Nm / 1,800rpm-4,600rpm. 0-100km / h acceleration recorded 4.0 seconds.

Furthermore, because it is equipped with BMW's intelligent four-wheel drive system “BMW xDrive”, torque can be efficiently transmitted to the road surface in various road surface conditions to realize stable driving.

In terms of design, in order to make sporty personality stand out, the gray grille and mirror cap are made of cerium gray, which is a special color for the M performance model, and is not available in the other BMW 5 Series lineups. It is equipped with a laser light, a 20-inch wheel, an M seat belt with a special stitch, and a special badge engraved with "Ultimate Edition".

Also, among the limited models where the specifications are usually fixed, the Ultimate Edition is characterized by the ability to customize the body color, seat specifications, etc. in the same way as the normal model.

BMW M550i xDrive
Length 4,962mm, width 1,868mm, height 1,467mm
Wheelbase 2,975mm
Vehicle weight 1,810kg
Total vehicle weight 2,460kg
4,395cc V 8-cylinder gasoline engine
Maximum output 531PS [390kW] / 5,500-6,000rpm
Maximum torque 750Nm / 1,800rpm-4,600rpm

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