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Japan Telecom launches "Hybrid SIM" that can connect to both local and mobile carriers in the US-Engadget Japan version

USIM Universal CBRS provided by JCI US

On June 26th, Japan Communications, a wholly-owned subsidiary JCI US that develops MVNO business in the United States, can use local SIM 4G/5G and MNO 4G/5G to connect to local 4G/5G and MNO 4G/5G. Announced that sales have started in the United States.

With conventional SIMs procured from each MNO operator, MVNO operators cannot add their own functions, but this is possible by procuring SIMs in-house. Also, by remotely rewriting SIM information using OTA (Over The Air), the carrier network of company A is used for the first year, and the mobile network of company B is used for the second year. It will be available. The image is something like "eSIM of plastic card version".

In addition to the provision of this in-house SIM, we will also start offering a "hybrid SIM" that can be connected to both local and mobile carriers by writing both the authentication information of the local base station and the MVO base station.

JCI US has already provided USIM (Universal SIM) that can rewrite base station information by OTA for Citizens Broadband Radio Service (US), which does not require a frequency license, from June 2019. .. This hybrid SIM expands this to include the network of MNO operators by using our own SIM.

It is said that Nippon Telecom will proceed with CBRS efforts in the United States and utilize its experience and know-how in local 5G in Japan.

source: Japan Communications (PDF),JCI US

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