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Japan Tests Sound Wave Alert System – video

Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs is preparing a new disaster alert system that uses sound waves to send messages. It was tested out on around 200 people in …


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  1. Doubt you’ll read about olympians being robbed in taxies this time, but from this very lacking video I can’t really see how it’s much different than the EAS (emergency alert system) we’ve had in the US for decades specifically the SAME protocol. When a system is set up for it the alert can be broadcast with no action needed after the initial alert is triggered from the responsible agency/authority. I’ll really have to look further into this but from what I see here the audio encoded data is being decoded by any/all cellphones in microphone range of the broadcast but they only show the sound playing once, how can you get any reasonable error checking with only one broadcast. With some firmware changes and a header before the encoded segment this could be made to wake phones when simply powered off as long as the battery is installed and has sufficient charge though I think passive monitoring would tax the battery.

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