Japanese automobile companies to survive in this? “Real Corona”dispute is still early

“Japanese automotive companies to survive in the other companies?”. The new corona virus infection by the expansion performance is violently dropped to the automotive companies of the current fiscal year[in 2021 3 months ended]financial results are for would. Among them, in the future companies is”Can you survive it?” The most cornered risk of coming out. The new corona virus infection expanded the number of weeks or number of months to fit in a few years, per year of the Olympics it can endanger the scale and you should be aware what’s going on.

【Here】Automotive factory production stopped in Japan to expand the new Corona in the overseas parts reach also

Economic experts in the background as compared to discussed tends,in reality the Lehman shock and it is not possible to compare the nature of the content, and the impact of this look and say. Financial worries by investors, withdrawal of inviting a shift, so to speak”human”thing to say. However, the new corona virus infection expansion of the economy by the blow, and in the system of contradictions in human behavior, it is impossible not to be like. “Noah’s Ark”it may be said that it is not.

First, the movement of people stopped, and it from financial uncertainty happens,repeatedly hit by the spread of infection and fear of long. Therefore the economic basis of the break,”outside activities can frighten the”the people’s lives it’s changing.

Also, the”strategic materials”of the evaluation criteria will also change,the cost of standards to the supply chain and had industrial structure fundamentally review the settings you need to change to get it to work. For example,”mask”, while the domestic production is mandatory and will. Japan’s food self-sufficiency rate was 37%, a new coronavirus spread of the infection has been prolonged, the item by Japan disappear from the market leaving the one you do.

“Food crisis”and not even the rising price of the item appears necessary, according to the degree of”domestic production”is encouraged as well. The automotive industry also, the cost is low as Chinese production have relied on Nissan just lurch into it,”China salvaged from the”direction of pressure increase. The American market rely too much on you Subaru,Mazda and other global strategic review will be.

Among them, originally underperformance had fallen into Nissan a significant operating deficit expected to survive in a crisis, when you would be sure regarded. “Nissan・Renault・Mitsubishi and of 3 company Alliance”also,this form of surviving a difficult situation well. Nissan’s current fiscal year operating income is about 3,000 billion yen, significantly with a deficit is seen. These financial experts predict, yet still sweet and see if you can.

The”real Corona”in the”Nissan to save somewhere?” Not. Of course, likely to survive is with the Toyota. Following Honda’s name is listed, but this is questionable too. Honda 2-wheel division is strong, the automobile sector can support and find that it is too early to judge him.

“Financial knowledge by the Honda results for”if you look at the”still good”and that would be its business model in retrospect, the chances of this”business model fundamentally re-inspection”and want to say.

The current Honda business model,”TNGA”equivalent to the concept of the missing and The found. It is reviewed for a reasonable cost and time-consuming. In that regard,Mazda and Subaru more content is better. Honda is now healed, the automobile sector is a long-term reconstruction is harder.

The Japanese market, or employees to think of it,Toyota and Nissan can absorb for the time being is the correct choice. However, the”Toyota overconcentration”of good judgment is difficult. [Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at]

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