Japanese managers, about 4% of you didn’t want the job, but the salaries do not justify the

In 2014 the published Labor policy research and training organization”men and women full time career and work-life balance support in research”according to section chief or promotion to the men about in about 3 ~ 4%, and women at about 7 to 9% of the managers did not want to we have to.

Working the reform progresses, the promotion that the responsibility is heavy increased workload and at home with both anxiety concerning the further promotion of motivation is low I know. Seniority wages and lifetime employment is jeopardized today managers to have stability is not necessarily desirable for a variety of cloud networking by the spread of entrepreneurship and freelancing can easily become a corporate dependence on it has declined and can guess.

Online basket the Institute”managers of the reality and true intention to survey the”last 12 months implementation and 1 month 27 days the results are announced.

The results, according to the”managers want to be you”and to the question,”was replied,”Who the proportion of 30. 5%,”and the wanted”32.0%,”whichever way you look at it, I did not want”29.1%,”I did not want”8.4%, and about 4 percent to 37. 5%is more or less”developed”is the answer.

“Future career plan”, the”status quo”is 42. 7%with the turn a lot, followed by”further promotion”is 18. 3%,”job”16.9%,”independent entrepreneurship”is 11. 9%and continue.

“Managers experience satisfied with the question”for”satisfied”and the answer for those who are in their 20s 84. 7%and higher, whereas the 30s is 65. 7%, 40 instead of 50. 0%, 50 instead of the 47. 2%, 60s at 57. 2%and the 40s in the 50s, lower 50s in half to divide by.

It is now a diverse career enables managers to be a”success”is no longer. Employment is diverse, that centrally subordinate to management in one management difficulty of growing. The player serves as the basic management specifically for my new management put the emphasis on not. These factors managers to shy away from employees is increasing as they Reports I presumed to.

On top of that the report is”the player experience of and the management is totally different from the thought that the managers of the burden to the management skills of active grants, etc., managers to support a position is more than ever being sought,”and have pointed out. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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