Japan's consecutive Gold / Bicycle World Cup in Men's Team Sprint

Japan won a gold medal in the Men's Team Sprint. Following the New Zealand [NZ] tournament in Round 4, he won two consecutive tournaments in the same event.

This time, Baku's Japan representative Yoshitaku Nagasako [26] was introduced to the first run. Yuda Nitta [33] in the second run and Tomohiro Fukaya [29] in the third run faced this season's first lineup. After passing 2nd place in the qualifying round, Russia was defeated by 43.055 in the first round, and the final beat Poland by 42.912. The 42-second range was just recorded for the first time as a Japanese in the last NZ tournament.

“It was good to be able to challenge with confidence,” Nitta said in the success of the gold medal. Fukaya recalled, “The ability to unite as a team, being able to become one led to the result.” Nagasako rejoiced, "I participated as an assistant, but was helped in reverse. I tried to avoid inconvenience."

Marking the 42-second range even when members and locations changed, showed the world rapid growth in the same category. “The only things left are the World Championships and the Tokyo Olympics, so I want to do my best to make more time,” Nitta looked ahead.

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