Japan's first and sixth store in the world│Showroom opening to enjoy the world view for Audi's future

Japan's first urban showroom based on the Audi City concept, the sixth store in the world, will open from February 7 in Kioicho, Tokyo.

Audi City is an urban showroom that sets the stage for premium car sales in the future, distinguishing it from conventional roadside stores.It is a compact store that is about half the size of an average Audi showroom, but has a future. I get an impression. By utilizing virtual technology, Audi will be able to introduce Audi's many model lineups and visualize vehicles with optional equipment desired by individual customers.

The design differs from the current Audi showroom standard terminal concept, and creates a space full of originality based on the Audi City concept. The showroom on the 1st floor expresses Audi's identity by focusing on individual items, textures, and motifs, including LED lights and aluminum materials. The underground space, which retains the image of the Audi design, incorporates a Japanese taste, creating a luxurious space that meets the needs of high-end model users.

Kioicho is a town name that links history from Edo, and is located in a convenient location next to Hotel New Otani, Tokyo Garden Terrace, and Sophia University. The building has a two-story structure with a first floor and basement, and the store image aimed at in Kioi-cho emphasizes not only the promotion of digitalization but also the ability to experience Audi's products. Although it is a compact urban store, it has as many test rides as roadside stores.

Audi City, which opened in 2012 near Piccadilly Circus in London, and Audi City Beijing in 2013 were pilot stores. Audi has since evolved this concept in stages. Since 2014, five stores have opened in Berlin, Istanbul, Moscow, Warsaw and Wimbledon.

Please visit us to feel the future of Audi and the future of cars.

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