Japan’s labor productivity, the major countries lowest also in the manufacturing industry, the rise of corporate earnings as

Japan’s labor productivity is low to say the world famous. Especially the white color layer of the productivity of the low is well known. This from the backside if you see a Japanese working hours are other than long, and long working hours commensurate with the value produced is not to say that is also. Currently, the work of reform was a reduction in working hours is achieved, which is to improve labor productivity and is enough the effects I want.

Japan is in population decline and expected. Japan’s economic level in order to maintain labor productivity is an urgent issue and can in the world of Japan’s labor productivity level is still low by. Meanwhile, in recent years automation investment is active in the manufacturing industry and halt the feeling came out like.

12 late,Japan Productivity Center, OECD database, etc. analysis and verification and for a report”labor productivity international comparison of 2019″is published by the.

According to reports, the OECD based on data in 2018 and Japan’s per-hour labor productivity(work 1 time per Value Added)is 46. 8 hard to. This is the U.S. of about 6 percent in the OECD 36 countries in the ranking of 21st place finish. The nominal base in the last year from 1. 5%rise was seen in the rankings of the changes have yet to. Also the leading 7 countries to the lowest, the lowest is from 1970 nearly half a century we have continued that situation.

1 per capita labor productivity is 8 million 1258 dollars, the UK’s 9 million 3482 dollar and Canada’s 9 million 5553 dollars to somewhat below the level of the only OECD 36 countries in the ranking of the previous year with the same 21 largest know.

Manufacturing as employed persons 1 per capita value added in labor productivity levels is 9 million 8157 dollars, the exchange rate in terms of 1104 million yen. This is the U.S. of 7 percent, but the OECD leading 31 countries in the ranking of the 14 place. In recent years, the exchange rate impact in dollars of the base level is out of this 5 years of gains. The report is”slightly from the position of Halt of the signs is”to evaluate.

In the world ranking is still low for the state is that of the amount, in per-hour labour productivity and manufacturing of 1 per capita labor productivity in the upward trend seen subtle signs of improvement be seen just. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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