Japan’s measures against global warming are surprisingly affordable? Economic impact on small graduate school, such as the calculation of

Of global warming countermeasures, Japan will come”by 2050 greenhouse gas emissions to 8% reduction”goal, the Kyoto University Research Group has 21 days to realize the goal, for the cost of conventional thought and no less and the results announced. Research international academic journal”Business Team Communications”was published in the online edition.

【Here】Warming but precipitation is expected more from the University of Tokyo Research

Global warming, the”Earth’s average temperature rise before the industrial revolution compared to 2 degrees more than enough low keep, 1.5 degrees less than that”the goal of the Paris agreements, and in 2016 comes into force. Towards its accomplishment, and Japan in 2050 greenhouse gas emissions 80%reduction goal come.

However, this study is the”80% reduction is a huge cost, but GDP is 2 ~ 8%decrease”such calculations are made,”greenhouse gas reduction is a big economic burden”and pointed out that it could have been.

This time,Kyoto University Graduate School of engineering Fujimori, Shinichiro, associate Professor and University of Shiga Prefecture Environmental Sciences Department of Shiraki 裕斗 lecturer, Ritsumeikan University Faculty of Science and technology Hasegawa, Tomoko, associate Professor of the research group,a new simulation model using the transformation of our energy system is calculated.

The group used the model in the conventional model, unlike the energy system and economic system, the power generation system change, integration, and transformation of our energy system and economic system impacts in a manner consistent with the simulations you can.

As a result, by 2050 greenhouse gas emissions to 80%reduction, and renewable energy that depend on the large percentage of wind, solar and the proportion of combined about 50% of an increase. Therefore, a large number of batteries to be turned out with. It is realized the case of economic loss in GDP of 0. 8%, and the economy is a large influence on this was.

The same group at the same time,”the Japanese government is warming due to climate change, prevent the long-term goals, as this is technically and economically enough to show it is possible that Japanese society as important”as that.

The group in the future,this model for the IoT and Autonomous driving, such as the advancement of technology, including social change,climate change what are the effects of research as well.

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