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R380 lays the foundation for Nissan DOHC

Nissan has lagged behind Toyota, but has acquired a high-performance power unit due to the merger with Prince Motors.

That is the 1989cc S20 in-line 6-cylinder DOHC that debuted on the Skyline 2000GT-R in February 1969.

It is the second 6-cylinder DOHC in Japan, but was developed using the know-how of the GR8 engine loaded on the Nissan R380.

The biggest feature was the adoption of a DOHC4 valve that is directly related to the racing engine. It was a luxuriously designed DOHC engine that was later installed on the Fairlady Z432.


Isuzu Motors has shown interest in DOHC engines early on. A 15841 G161W in-line four-cylinder DOHC was developed using the method of mounting a Toyota style DOHC head. Loaded on a 117 coupe and 1600 GTR bellet. In addition to the cab, Japan has also added an engine equipped with the first electronically controlled fuel injection system in Japan. It was installed on the 117 Coupe EC in the fall of 1970 and became a hot topic. From 1973, the displacement was expanded to 1817cc. The final model has evolved into the 1949cc G200WE model.

Prince Automobile's GR8 inline 6-cylinder DOHC engine. Prototype of Nissan DOHC engine.

Mitsubishi has not lost. Galant GTO's leader model, MR, is loaded with a high-performance unit that is a 1597-liter 4G32 inline 4-cylinder DOHC. It was a long stroke design that was rare at that time. The transmission also combines a 5-speed MT.

Nowadays, DOHC engines are not uncommon. However, until the 1970s it was touted as a prominent high-performance engine. Only vehicles with a DOHC engine were on the 1.6L-class platform with a maximum speed of 200km / h. In addition to high performance, it had the same rare value and premium feeling as a racing engine. In fact, many are tuning bases for racing engines, and they are running fast on the circuit. Also, the exciting DOHC sound captivated the rider

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