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Jaz, a removable HDD with high capacity and high speed: Sweet Memories File005-Engadget Japan Version

sweet memories

(Name) Jaz 1GB
(Type) HDD
(Recording method) Magnetic recording
(Size) 3.5 inches
(Capacity) 1GB
(Year of appearance) 1996 ~

In this series, which shines light on selected nostalgic recording media, we will introduce the loosely collected removable media drives.

"Jaz 1GB"Is a removable HDD developed by Iomega. As the name suggests, it can read and write data at the same speed as HDD, especially strong in random access,ZipThe feature is that it is overwhelmingly faster than removable media such as MO and MO, and CD-R.

sweet memories

Although Zip has been successful as a low-speed and inexpensive medium, as the data handled by PCs has grown, media that can read and write large amounts of data in a short time has come to be required.

Of course, you can add internal HDDs or add external HDDs of SCSI, but it is troublesome to add or replace HDDs every time the capacity runs out, and above all, install them in storage Can't take the place.

That's where Jaz was developed. This is a removable HDD that can be replaced by making only the platter of the HDD into a cartridge, and it has attracted attention as a medium that is smaller, takes less space, and has the same speed as ordinary HDDs. Of course, removable HDDs have existed for some time, but Jaz's strength is that it is as compact as 1GB.

Although it seems likely to compete with Zip simply as a removable medium, Zip is mainly used for data transfer with a relatively small capacity, whereas Jaz is mainly used for backups dealing with large capacity data, etc. The target was off. In other words, Jaz is not a successor of Zip, but an extension of the lineup.

At first glance, the Jaz 1GB cartridge doesn't have a shutter like Zip, but it actually has a sliding shutter on the side. If you shift this shutter, the contents are the HDD itself, and a set of two pretty platters comes out. Most removable HDDs have only one platter, so it's quite surprising to see two.

sweet memories

By the way, according to "PC MAGAZINE" in April 1996, the price is $ 599 for drives and $ 99 for media. It seems to have had a certain share in the United States. It is also sold in Japan, but as expected it is a severe price to purchase individually. Still, it seems that people who used it at the company are quite good.





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