JBA new system announcement "Tightening" Chairman Miya to the 3rd term

On the 28th, the Japan Basketball Association [JBA] held a regular council committee and an extraordinary board meeting to appoint the next officer and announce the new system. Chairman Yuko Mitsuya [61] was reappointed, and Shinji Shimada, who will be Chairman of the B League from next month, will be appointed as Vice Chairman Masaaki Okawa from next month.

Chairman Mitsuya, who took office in June 2016 for the third term, said, “I have to overcome the difficult situation with an all-basket. I have a lot of things I have to do, and I feel like I will be tightened.” It was The term of office will be one year and three months until September 2009 due to a change in the accounting period.

Mr. Miyaya himself also had the experience of not being able to participate in the Moscow Olympics boycott in volleyball, and he said, "I want to make the Olympics somehow experienced. Any form is available if there is a chance" about the postponed Tokyo Olympics. .. He added, "I can do a PCR test a month ago if there is nothing for 2 weeks. I can be an athlete. I think the Olympics may be only Japanese, but I think I can do the Olympics. For that reason, I also want to move in various places."

Regarding the representative activities on the premise that PCR inspection can be performed, "I would like to collect male representatives in the second half of July. In August I plan to hold an event with three people, including wheelchairs. Baseball and J League. Looking at it, I have to keep playing basketball. I wish Japan could be cheered up with a basket."

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