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Jeff Bezos argues that the IT company's refusal of military contracts is a “major issue”. JEDI misses willingness to win more contracts-Engadget Japan

Mr. Bezos also mentioned that he chose Microsoft's Azure instead of Amazon's AWS in the contract for the cloud platform “ Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) '' used by the Department of Defense, but still to acquire more contracts as Amazon I decided to do my best.

In November, Amazon objected that there was a bias in the administration in the JEDI contractor selection process in the United States, especially showing Mr. Bezos who owns the Washington Post that Trump hates, showing an open staring attitude He claimed that there was “political pressure”.

But Bezos's head may be filled with the public business that he has already acquired. Amazon, for example, uses facial recognition technology that has spawned race and gender issues, and long-term plans related to the launch of military rockets by BlueOrigin.

Mr. Bezos is close to Microsoft in that it is not criticized by the public. In the future, as a “good person”, we are likely to focus on acquiring highly profitable public business contracts.

By the way, Mr. Bezos divorced this summer, but it was reported that the amount of property distribution to the former wife was about 4 trillion yen in Japanese yen, and it was temporarily talked about that it was comparable to the defense budget of Japan Is still new to memory.

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