Jinyi no battle, special mission chief / Uemiya-san main movie

Actor Ikuo Umemiya died at a hospital in Kanagawa Prefecture at 7:40 am on December 12 due to chronic renal failure. I was 81 years old.

◆ Main movies of Umemiya

1959 Shonen Tanteidan, the enemy is an atomic submarine

62 years

1963 Showa Passion

1965 Showa Zanzaden

67 Abashiri Outer Land Snowstorm

68 years

70 years Emperor of Night Play

1973 Battle without Hitoshi

1975 President of Gokudo

76 years, track bastard, Nozomu Nozomu

1977, youth gate independence

1978 Wild proof

1979 A devil comes and blows a whistle

80 years bad boy

82 years Hanako Oniryuin's life

1983 Novel Yoshida School

1985 Capone crying

86 Incarnation

1988, every day of Koiko

1989 Hagure Criminal Purity

A man who became the leader in 1991

1994 Man who killed the leader

2002 Shura Flock

2008 Special Mission Chief Hitoshi Kanno The last movie version

11 years cry tomorrow

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