Jiro in the soba world! Here is the menu that 90% of customers had asked for at "Asakusa Kadoman" where you can eat very thick noodles.

Even if you don't like ramen, you know about Ramen Jiro. The first time I (Nakazawa) who hates ramen went to Ramen JiroPrevious articleAs I told you. One of the things that remained in my mind at that time wasNoodles are thick and very strongI'm saying that.

Noodles that can be eaten and have an overwhelming food quality.I want to introduce you to a soba restaurant that reminds me of Jiro's noodles.

・ Oku Asakusa

The store is “Asakusa Kadoman”. Located in a residential area north of Sensoji Temple, this shop is located in Oku Asakusa, even in Asakusa. Because it is far from the station, many people may come by car. At the entrance, notices on street parking and unauthorized parking were posted.

When you open the door, the shop is crowded with families. It seems to be a familiar shop to the local residents. In addition, the clerks also have a lively cafeteria,The whole family feels like a family.

・ Discomfort

When I was immersed in such a feeling of air inside the store, I suddenly noticed a sense of discomfort.Something strange…… A clerk passing the menu through the kitchen with a loud voice. The menu starts from "Mori (850 yen including tax)", and is full of menus to the extent that I get lost, such as "fox (950 yen)", "Kamo Nanban (1050 yen)" and "okame soba (1050 yen)".in spite of!

What the clerk has been passing sinceOnly one menu is hot or cold. What is that menu …

Meat nanban(1050 yen).

I ordered it because I was worried,Th-This is……


Hey clerk is wrong. It's not udon but soba.I tried to say so, but if you look closely, the next person's noodles are too thick. The next person is also thick noodles. Apparently this thickness is the standard pattern.

・ Noodle and soup harmony

When I ate such soba, the flavor is definitely soba. But what surprised me more was the strength of Kosi.The stiffness is so strong that the chewy texture is strong. In addition, there is a moist texture and the food is outstanding.

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Jiro from the soba world. Not udon

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The soup also has a rich taste of pork, and it has a clear taste comparable to noodles. That doesn't mean it's greasy,Soba soupSo the aftertaste is also refreshing. Umeyeeeee!

Certainly this store may be a meat savage. The harmony of noodles and soup was so good. This store has several stores in Tokyo.Previous articleIntroduces Ryusenji's “Cold Meat Size”, but hot soba that makes your body warm and warm when you eat it is also good. It's perfect when you want to eat it in winter.

・ Information of stores introduced this time

Store nameAsakusa Kakuman
Street address4-4-45-4 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
business hours11: 00-15: 00 (L.O.14: 50), 17: 00-20: 00 (L.O.19: 30)
Regular holidaySunday

Report: Standing Eating Soba CriticSeiji Nakazawa

Photo: Rocketnews24.

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