Jiro Takada "Successful success" One character signboard announcement

The elder of the Shochiku Shin Comedy, Jiro Takada [88], on the 27th, in front of Minamiza, Kyoto, will celebrate the first day on January 1, next year. I attended the front one-letter signboard announcement.

Produced as part of a joint project between Kyoto University of Art and Design, Shochiku and Minamiza. Takada, who saw the sign, praised, "It's wonderful. "There is also Shochiku-Plum, and the mouse of the zodiac [Uto] is also drawn, and I'm so happy. The performance from the New Year's day is sure to be a success," he said with satisfaction.

The performance begins on the 1st, and on the 8th, Chiaki Raku.

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