JO1, which debuted in March, does not seem like a newcomer

The 11-man male group "JO1" attended Family Mart "JO1 x Frappe Summer New Flavor & Recommended Member Announcement Event" in Tokyo on the 23rd.

Although the group just debuted in March this year after an audition program, the debut song "PROTO STAR" won the Oricon weekly ranking first place and the first place in the distribution ranking in Asian countries as well There were a lot of reporters rushing to the venue.

Due to Coronal evil, the press was obliged to take a temperature measurement and wear a mask, and although there was no question and answer from here, it was the first time that face shields were distributed. The distance between the seats was kept at a social distance, and I couldn't move to take a picture, so it was unavoidable, but there was some tension.

Meanwhile, it was impressive that the members excited the event. Five out of eleven are remote appearances from separate rooms, and even though the group is accustomed to the event, it is sure that they are unfamiliar, but they do not seem to be "newcomers", such as when they talk with each other so that the talk is not strange They showed their response and were firmly promoting the product.

Of course, I paid attention to the performance in my main business, but it was a scene where I felt that I would be a group that would entertain each member's character, such as TV variety and live MC.

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