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Jobs signed floppy, successful bid for about 9.1 million yen. More than 10 times the expected price-Engadget Japan version

This item is a floppy disk for Macintosh (Macintosh System Tools version 6.0) and has been pre-certified by experts. So far, Jobs autographed tendencies tend to be quite expensive,Mac magazine sold for about 5.42 million yenPixar ’s former CEO“Toy Story” poster starts at about 2.64 million yenIt was said. Compared to that precedent, it was seen as a relatively reasonable price.

However, the final winning bid is over 9 million yen, far exceeding them. It has not been clarified who made a successful bid with what kind of motive, but Jobs was a deeply enthusiastic system tool for the Macintosh that built Jobs as a support and built a tremendous wealth in the IT business. It seems that speculation will start as the key to obtaining the legendary treasure.

By the way, the explanation at the RR auction was as follows.

Macintosh system tools version 6.0 floppy disk. Signed as “Steve Job” with a black felt pen, there is a slight fading of ink, but it is in very good condition. It is an ideal form for Jobs, which is rarely seen (it was known for hating signatures and often refused collectors' requests). Jobs' elegant and stylish lowercase signature, as part of Apple's iconic Mac OS software, is the history of museum-quality computing.

Although there was a feeling that it should have been a little closer, it has become a presence that looks up far away, but this soaring may have triggered a series of jobs related to Jobs one after another.

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