John Kabila "polyps in the throat" to rest after vocal corditis surgery

John Kabila [61], who is active in radio DJs, will take a break from the personality J-WAVE "~ JK RADIO ~ TOKYO UNITED" [6:00 am on Friday] for a while due to vocal cord surgery. It was On the 2nd, I reported on the official program site.

On the site, “John Kabira is absent from his throat due to vocal cord inflammation, but he has a polyp in his throat, and he will be resting for a while due to surgery and treatment.”

John Kabila also sent a message, "Kabila of vocal cord inflammation, in consideration of the future, I will have polyp removal surgery. I will have a rest for the time being. Thank you for your comments! Please stay safe, healthy and healthy and everyone. HOME! ALL THE BEST & PEACE! JK ".

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