Johnny's first corona infection Jr Fukushi Shinki's positive announcement

Johnny's Jr. Fukushi Nobuki [29] was found to be infected with the new coronavirus on the 3rd. It was announced on the official website of Johnny's Office. This is the first time a new coronavirus has been infected by the same office talent.

On the website, "We have confirmed on July 3rd that our company Johnny's Jr. Fukushi Shinki has been infected with the new coronavirus, so I would like to report it." "After receiving the results of the PCR test, I decided to follow the guidance of the public health center and carry out isolated life and treatment," he said.

He said he had a fever on June 30. After June 16, he said he had no chance to meet the talent and staff of the office. “There was no relevant person in our company that was defined by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's definition of a rich contact person. Moreover, since there is no entry into our company building or related facilities, regarding the activities and business activities of our talents, I will continue as usual."

On the other hand, “On the other hand, in the case that there are concentrated contacts other than those related to our company, we will inform you of the situation to each person and contact us without exception so that we can ask the public health center for instructions. We will continue to wear masks, wash our hands and disinfect alcohol with us, and we will continue to make every effort to ensure the safety of everyone, talent, Johnny's Jr., and employees."

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