Joint training with Sunwolves Takahiro Kimura "tight" firefighter

On Sunday, Super Rugby's Japanese team, SunWolves, held a "joint training" with the Chiba Fire School in Ichihara, Chiba.

After the training, I went through a severe training session with 121 firefighters for about 2 hours at a fire school next to the ground. In the "Fire Fighter & Rugby Relay", which was planned for team building on the third day of the training camp and trained by rugby and firefighters, there were many players screaming. I climbed up and down the 40-meter-high training building and rode a motorcycle for 10 minutes. Finally, we finished the joint training with tug of war.

Takahiro SH Kimura, 26, a trainee who belonged to Toyota Industries Corporation until 2006, said, “I was honest, but it was a fun experience because I could not usually do it. Foreign players were surprised at the strict guidance from the instructor. I found the cultural differences interesting. "

19 of the 21 players are multinational corps from foreign countries. Immediately before the opening, the team builds without an unusual captain. After passing through Ichihara, Oita and Beppu training camps, a practice game will be held in Fukuoka and Kitakyushu on the 25th. The opening match on February 1 will play against Levels [Australia] in Fukuoka City.

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