JOY "Happy situation" wife Mai Watanabe is the first child pregnant

Celebrities JOY and Mai Watanabe [30] reported on the 10th on the TV program “Now!

When Watanabe reported that he was happy to have the first child to be happy, JOY said, "I don't know if I'm a boy or a girl. I really want to see you soon." When Watanabe said, "We plan to have a baby around October," she said, "I would like to make it possible for everyone to report when Mai-chan has a healthy baby again." Reported in.

In addition, JOY told himself on Instagram, “What a happier situation I and my wife had ever been! A new life was born in my wife's belly. A small little treasure. When I knew it, I cried with joy, I felt more than any joy I had in the past.I am 35 years old but I am still a child so I can have a child, so I'm really excited. And I'm excited.My family, my wife's mai, my wife's family, my cat's cat, and another person who will protect it will increase. I am trying harder than ever to walk through my life so that I can become a father who can wrap myself up and smile more than anyone else."

Watanabe also said, "This time, I gave my belly a new life. I have safely entered the stable period, so I will report it here. I am planning to give birth around October I am wondering about the growing stomach It's a thrilling day, but I'm able to spend a calm day thanks to the fact that it gives us a happy and warm feeling every day."

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