Judo All-Japan Championship postponed; Budokan will be held in the future

All Japan Judo Federation [Jenjuren] postpones the All Japan Women's Championship [April 19, Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium] and All Japan Championship [November 29, Nippon Budokan] fighting weight indiscriminately after the spread of the new coronavirus on the 31st announced. The postponement time and venue are undecided.

On this day, a decision was made at a meeting executive committee held in Kodokan, Tokyo.

After the meeting of the Executive Committee, Mr. Takeya Nakazato, the director of Zenjuren, told the interviewer, "It depends on the convergence of the corona, but since Japan is a tournament held every year, I want to manage it by the end of the year." The company plans to consider it for the Tokyo Olympics, including at Nippon Budokan, which will be completed in June. The recommendation criteria for the competitors will be carried over.

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