Judo director Yasuo Inoue's theme for Tokyo Olympics is "offensive"

Judo boy coach Yasuo Inoue [41] has set the theme for 20 years as "offensive" on the 3rd. The players depart from Narita Airport together for a men's training camp in the United States and Hawaii. At the beginning of the New Year's work, he stated his ambition, "This year's theme is only" offensive. All has been prepared for the Tokyo Olympics. Was.

Judo has many training camps in Japan where the training environment is set up, and overseas training camps for the New Year are extremely unusual. The aim is to build body in a warm climate like other sports. In addition, Hawaii is an auspicious land where the women's national team held a training camp before the Athens Olympics in 2004 and won five gold medals at the Olympics. There is also a goal of strengthening while keeping in mind "concentration and relaxation" while keeping luck.

Inoue was impressed with the team's power in the 19th Rugby World Cup in Japan. At a training camp in Tokyo last December, we asked Tokai University's junior captain Reach Michael [31 = Toshiba] to give a lecture. He told them how to prepare for the big stage held in their country. After listening to his aspirations as a Japanese national team and preparations for the World Cup, he reconfirmed the importance of team strength and sharpness.

Seven months later, at the Tokyo Olympics, not only individual games but also mixed men and women will be held for the first time. He emphasizes that in the face of fierce battles over individual Olympics representation rights, there is also a position as "representative = team." At the training camp in Hawaii, it is planned to conduct not only training and training, but also BBQ and team building for only rare players in judo. "This team [participating in the Hawaii training camp] is almost a team of Olympics and alternates, and will be together until the fight in July.

Rivals and friends. It may be that "ONE @ TEAM" is also required in judo for a major stage once every four years.

The following are the training camp participants

▽ 60kg class Naotohisa Takato [Park 24] Ryuki Nagayama [Ryotoku-dai University]

▽ 66kg class Shiro Maruyama [Miki House] 一 123 Abe [Nitai Univ.]

▽ 73 kilometer class 将 Shohei Ohno [Asahi Kasei] Soichi Hashimoto, Tadashi Ebinuma [both Park 24]

▽ 81kg class Takanori Nagase [Asahi Kasei], Sotaro Fujiwara [Nihon Univ.]

▽ 90km Shoichiro Muko [ALSOK] Norihiro Nagasawa [park 24] Sanshiro Murao [Tokai Univ.]

▽ 100 kg class Wolf Aron [Ryokuji Temple] Ryunosuke Haga [Asahi Kasei] Kentaro Iida [Kokushikan University]

▽ Over 100km Kuki Harasawa [Hyakugo Bank] Shinko Kageura [Japan Racing Association]

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