Judo Fujiwara, who pursues Nagase, has a short hair and is "concentrated"

The Japanese and male representatives of the World Masters Tournament [12-14, Qingdao, China], which are contested by the top rankings in the world of judo, left Narita Airport on the 9th. Previously only entries within the 16th place in the world could be entered, but this time it was expanded to 36th place.

The 18th World Championship Men's 81 kilogram silver medal, No. 8 Fujiwara Sotaro [21 = Nikkadai] vowed to stick to his judo style. In the Grand Slam / Osaka convention in November [and the Tokyo Olympics national team selection] final, he was defeated in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic bronze medal by Takanaga Nagase [Asahi Kasei]. It was a development that allowed rivals to take the lead in the Olympics, “There is no good game to lose. [This tournament where powerful players gather] I want to do my best because I know what my strength is. Focus on the game in front of me And just do my own judo. "

Before the tournament so far, I had a haircut at my favorite barbershop and was excited. He showed off his punches and EXILE's AKIRA-style hair, and his hairstyle attracted attention.

In this tournament, “I want to go serious”, instead of going to a barber shop, I made calm short hair. “I have no hairstyle I want to do. I did a lot of perms, but I don't want to wear it before and I'm a little worried,” he explained.

World championship men's 60km class 2 tournament bronze medals, Tatsuki Nagayama [Ryotokuji University] continues to fight the Olympics with Rio Olympic bronze medal Naotosu Takafuji [Park 24]. Depending on the results, there is a high possibility of becoming an annual champion, but "I don't care about the rankings. I only think about winning the game. I want to do judo with the results and the contents of my own." Concentrated on.

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