Judo Maruyama Castle Shiro may miss GS or fight for Olympics

The All Japan Judo Federation [Jennren] will host a men's 66-kilometer world champion Shiro Maruyama [26 = Miki House] on March 14 in the Grand Slam [GS] Dusseldorf tournament, one of the Tokyo Olympics selection games [Germany 21-23, Germany] ] Announced that they would miss.

The reason is that the medial collateral ligament of the left knee was damaged on the 6th of this month, and it is expected that the patient will rest and treat for about 3 weeks. Rivals 17 and 18 world champions Abe 123 [Japan College of Technology] will also participate in this tournament. Maruyama could win the Olympics on the 27th of the tournament if he wins the game by winning a direct showdown. There is a high possibility that the final round will be tangled up to the April All Japan Selected Weight Championship [Fukuoka].

Wolf Aron [Ryotokuji professor], a 100 kg boy, Kuki Harazawa [100 Hyakugo Bank], a boy over 100 kg, and Tsukasa Yoshida [Komatsu], a 57 kg girl, were both injured and injured. Missed because of rehabilitation.

◆ Selection of the Tokyo Olympics representative of judo Men and men of each 7 ranks will be selected by a “three-stage” selection with an emphasis on securing the preparation period for the players. [1] The winner of the 19th World Championship won the GS Osaka Games in November of the same year, and the strengthening committee decided to be the representative with more than two-thirds of the attendees. Only women who are more than 78kg, Teru Sone [Akira] have a job offer. [2] At the end of the Masters Tournament [China] in December, the GS Paris Tournament in February and the GS Düsseldorf Tournament, a third of the reinforcement committee If two or more judges judge that the difference between first and second is obvious, the representative will be selected. [3] The final selection will be the All Japan Selected Weight Championship in April, and the representative will be decided by the majority of the reinforcement committee.

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