Judo Ono Shohei “ just prepare with determination '' Olympic postponement

Shohei Ono [28], a 73-kilometer judo boy at the Tokyo Olympics [Olympics], commented on the 25th through his management company after the postponement of the Olympics for about one year.

For the Tokyo Olympics, aiming for the second consecutive victory of the Olympics, "Whenever it will be held, just prepare for the best possible performance on the decided match day. Rather than pouring it, you can only do the training and training that you can do right now and thoroughly manage your physical condition. I hope that the new coronavirus will end as soon as possible. "

Also, Takanori Nagase [26 = both Asahi Kasei], the 81-kg class representative of the boys, said, “If the event is postponed, the goal will remain the same, and I will only go on to practice and train everyday. We hope that the Coronavirus epidemic will end as soon as possible and that the Tokyo Olympics will be held in an environment where all athletes can perform at their best. "

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