Judo's Sarah Asahina beat gold medalist in finals

The 18-year-old world queen Sarah Asahina [23 = Park 24], who missed the Tokyo Olympics in the women's over 78 kg class, broke the London Olympics gold medal Ortiz [Cuba] in 2012 and advanced to the final.

It was a perfect one win. Asahina elicited Ortiz's mentoring 2 which he respected, and advanced the match from start to finish. Even foot techniques such as the inner thighs, which were rarely seen until now, took the skill with a corner drop two minutes after the start, and suppressed it at the end. In the final, he will play against 2017 World Championship bronze medal Kindzerska [Azerbaijan].

In the Olympics battle, the world queen Sone Akira [19, Pacific Rim University] won the GS Osaka tournament last November, and was selected as the Olympic team shortly after the tournament. The only men and women in the 14 classes were represented by women over 78 kg. Since childhood, he embodies both the Budo and Michido, pursuing the two dreams of the Tokyo Olympics gold medal and a doctor, but the dream of the Olympics was not fulfilled. I felt so many times, "I don't know what's going on until the end. I'll continue to practice judo just in case something goes wrong." Despite losing his goal, he desperately turned forward. To continue judo, it was a great motivation to show herself as a former world queen.

"I have no regrets in my life. My goal now is to say," I should have had Asahina in the [Olympics]. "Finally, I can give myself a gold medal in my life. I want to be a person "

From this spring, I will go to Dokkyo Medical University School of Medicine to fulfill another dream. A new life for a 23-year-old judo artist starts.

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