Juice Juice Miyamoto & Anjurum Funaki postponement of graduation

Hello! On the 21st, the project updated its official website and announced that it would postpone the graduation of Jurin = Juice's Miyamoto Karin [21] and Anjurum's Funaki Yui [17], who were scheduled to graduate in June.

On the site, "Thank you for always supporting Hello! Project. As a result of discussing the concert tour scheduled for June in consideration of the spread of damage caused by" new coronavirus infection ", In consideration of the health and safety of our customers and performers / concerns involved in the concert, we will cancel the event until the end of June. ”

With the cancellation of the performance, "Juice = Juice, which was scheduled for June, will be postponed from graduation of Anjurum Funaki, Yukari Karen Miyamoto."

He continued, "At this point, it is not possible to see how the situation of the spread of infection will converge, so I will inform you more about the graduation period and details of future activities as soon as the environment for performing the performance is ready. Thank you for your understanding. "

Two comments were also posted.

Miyamoto said, "Thank you for your continued support. As announced, due to the influence of the new coronavirus, we were unable to hold the scheduled graduation LIVE, and we decided to postpone the graduation performance. I also Juice = The last live as Juice is a live show and I would like to express my gratitude to all of you.I will continue my activities as a solo myself, so looking for what I can do now, everyone on SNS etc. I would like to wait for the day when I can live while broadcasting! I have never been able to meet you for so long, so I am very lonely.I will endure now and take infection prevention measures to quickly conclude [[ I always keep in mind that I'm sitting under a connected car, and I'll be ready to wait until the day of the live! "

Funaki said, "Thank you very much for your warm support. As a result of considering the prevention of the spread of" new coronavirus infectious disease "infection, all concert tours scheduled to be held until June have been canceled. Along with this, we will also postpone the "Angeurm Concert Tour 2020 Spring LOCK ON! ROCK ON! ~ Funagi Yui Graduation Special ~" scheduled for June 12. Although it is not obvious, it will be taken for granted. I think I was upset about my graduation due to the fact that I couldn't live the way I was, but there was a strong desire to graduate while everyone was waiting, so I decided to postpone graduation. I want to spend my time at home waiting for the normal days to come back. "

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