Junichi Ishida goes to Ken Watanabe "I don't know the details but do my best"

Actor Junichi Ishida [66], who recovered from the new coronavirus pneumonia and returned to regular status on a radio program for the first time in about two months, announced the infidelity of Anjash Watanabe Ken [47], who announced that she will refrain from performing as a female scandal on the 11th. I'm not sure, but I want you to do your best." After appearing on the radio, he responded to the call from the interview team.

Ishida, who once gathered the topic of "affair is culture", was asked by the interviewers to "provide advice to Mr. Watanabe as an adulterous senior" "No, I am called "ancestor infidelity", but I invented it It wasn't the first time, either," he said with a bitter smile, "Well, well, I'll be popular right now.

When Watanabe was asked to "use the multipurpose toilet at Roppongi Hills" at a secret meeting place with a woman, "How is it culturally?"

Ishida, who returned to the radio program on this day, criticized a series of actions such as visiting Okinawa under a declaration of emergency and being drunk at a meal after discharge, "I am sorry for the trouble. I apologize again. "I don't know, but it was harder for me," Bashing said when he said "Adultery is culture."

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