Junior high and high school student pair Kihara & Nagasaki group first V "Paris Olympic aim"

The final day of the table tennis grand final was the Women's Doubles final in Zhengzhou, China, where Miyoshi Kihara [15] and Miyoshi Nagasaki [17 = both of the elite academy] won the first victory.

Taki, Liang Natsu Silver Group [Korea] won 3-0. This was the fourth time Japan won the championship following last year's Ito and Hayada teams. Two people won the same event at the World Junior Championships held two weeks ago, Nagasaki won the singles, and the momentum was won as well.

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Japanese junior and senior high school students won the championship. The first game was temporarily inferior to 5-8, but it was reversed to 12-9 with 4 consecutive scores. Kihara won the smile straight, saying, "I was conscious of smiles to relieve tension." In the semi-finals, they defeated Ito and Hayada team in the world championships and defeated Sun Yi and Wang Yi [China]. At the 14th Grand Final, Ito and Hirano won the same event at the age of 14. “I want to get closer to my seniors,” Kihara said. Nagasaki said, “First of all, we will go to the world championship,” Kihara affirmed, “Aiming for the Paris Olympics.” [Zhengzhou = Kazuki Misu]

* ■ stands under the sun

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