Junjiro Nakamura “Performance for New Year's Day” co-starred with father Tojuro Sakata

An interview with Kabuki actor Nakamura Junjiro [60] Nakamura Ougaku [58] Ainosuke Kataoka [47], etc. Made in the city.

Jojiro and Ougaku are the performances of “Sakeya” and perform with his father, Toshiro Sakata [87]. Sajiro says, “This time my father will also give me a performance for the New Year.” Ougaku said, “There are no more than a hundred parent-child co-stars, so I can tell the joy of co-starring with my father.”

Ainosuke will co-star with his father-in-law, Shutaro Kataoka [78], in the “Yoshitsune Senbonzakura”. Ainosuke said, “This is the case this month as well, but I have been able to perform with my father after a long time.

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