Juno refers to new type of pneumonia

Pon Jun-ho, director of Parasite II Semi-underground Family [50], who won the 92nd Academy Awards for the first time ever as a foreign language movie, and Song Gang-ho [53], starring in Tokyo We had a press conference in Japan at Uchisaiwaicho's Japan Press Club.

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“Guemul – Monster of the Han River” [2006], where the director and Song Gang Ho have teamed up, described how society panicked due to fear of virus damage.

"The movie reveals that there was no virus after all. The fear and anxiety created by the human psychology is greater than the fear of the virus. It's harder to overcome a disaster if you have a virus, but now it's a different situation than a movie, but if you're too scared, anxious, or prejudiced, things get even more terrifying. I hope that it will be possible. "

◆ "Parasite"-A story where a family whose entire family is unemployed and a wealthy president of IT company management meet. It is highly entertaining while depicting the issues facing the modern world, such as the disparity society. She won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival and the Ensemble Cast Award at the National Actors Guild Awards. In Japan, it was released on January 10, and the audience mobilized to over 2.2 million by the 22nd, and the revenue exceeded 3 billion yen. It has changed Korea's top-ranking Korean movie history in Japan for the first time in 15 years. The first place so far is "Eraser in my head".

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