Just chin in the microwave !! Seven's new product "Beef Cut Steak & Potato" that instantly satisfies the desire to eat meat was a mess! #Seven Eleven | AppBank

Meat enthusiasts. If you think "Ah, eat steak", please go to Seven immediately. You can buy a simple steak that doesn't need to be baked, cut, or seasoned for 320 yen (excluding tax).

This time it is on sale from September 17thSeven-ElevenIntroducing the God Gourmet "Beef Cut Steak & Potato"!

Unexpected triangular package

I'm sure there are people who couldn't find it even if they searched for it at the store. Since it's a steak, don't you imagine a plastic tray or pack that contains a lunch box? Actually, it's different. What you should look for is the "Triangle Package Series" corner!

Currently, there is a triangular series with edamame and charcoal-grilled chicken in the lineup, but no one expected that steak would be added to this type. It's very convenient because you can heat it in the microwave with this package. By the way, with this product, 50 seconds at 500w is a guideline for the heating time.

How much meat does it contain for 320 yen?

When warmed, the nice aroma of the steak that pops out of the steam outlet mercilessly attacks.

What is worrisome is the amount of meat. I thought I would get angry if I had a couple of steaks and a lot of potatoes, but … I think it's OK. It's 320 yen, so it's about this.

I thought it was just seasoned with salt and pepper, but surprisingly, the garlic soy sauce sauce with plenty of grated radish is sprinkled on the whole. The potatoes are also included, so you can enjoy it with the same seasoning.

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