K Douglas, almost 8.8 billion yen heritage charity

Kirk Douglas, one of Hollywood's leading actors, died at the age of 103 this month. The New York Post reported that nearly all of the heritage, valued at $ 80 million, had been retained by a charity foundation it founded 60 years ago.

The Douglas Foundation, co-founded in 1964 by Douglas and his current wife, Ann Bidens Douglas, supported the children's hospital and theater, founded by the couple, and scholarships at St. Lawrence University. Currently, his wife, Ann, is the managing director.

Douglas, who is known for his movies such as Van Gogh the Fire [1956] and Spartacus [1960], died after his wife Anne and his four children accompanied him for 65 years.

Douglas made the first marriage with his eldest son and actor Michael Douglas, and his second son was movie producer Joel Douglas.

He has two children with Anne, who remarried in 1954, and Peter Douglas is a television producer. Actor Eric Douglas died in an accident in 2004 from an overdose of drugs.

His eldest son, Michael Douglas, won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1987 on Wall Street. He has worked on a number of film productions and has demonstrated his skills as a producer. It is said to have a total assets of 300 million dollars [about 33.1 billion yen].

Michael said of his father's death: "Kirk has lived a fulfilling life. He left the film world with a legacy that will live forever for the next generation and a history as a philanthropist who has helped the world. But for me and my brother, she was a normal father, and for my wife, grandchild, and his wife, a wonderful father-in-law, grandfather, and husband. "

Douglas won the Academy Honor Award in 1996. He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1981 and the Legion of Donour in 1985. The Academy Awards were nominated for three titles, "Champion" [1949], "Bad and Beautiful" [1952], and "Gogh the Flame" の [1956], but none of them were awarded. [New York = Naoko Kame]

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