Kaede Uekusa is confirmed by the defeat of Tokyo Olympics team Kayo Someya

The second day of the Karate Premier League [PL] Salzburg Tournament will be held in Salzburg, Austria on the 29th, and the Kumite Women's Walk over 68 kg [JAL] will become the Japan representative of the Tokyo Olympics women's 61 kg Was confirmed. The sixth representative in karate and the second representative in kumite girls.

The Kumite girls for the Olympics will combine the 68kg class and the 68kg class to become a 61kg class. In the World Karate Federation [WKF] Class Olympics ranking, Japan's second-ranked 68-kilometer Kayo Someya [Teattle Academy], second only to Uekusa, was defeated in the third round, which exceeded the standards set by the Japan Federation.

Uekusa advanced to the quarterfinals with a girl class of over 68kg.

Mayumi Someya [Ibaraki Prefectural government], a 61-kilometer girl, lost in the quarterfinals and went on to resurrect. Ayami Moriguchi [AGP] lost in the first round.

In the form men, MotoGP [AGP] advanced to the final. The finals of each event and the third place final match will be held on March 1. [Joint]

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