Kagiyama team advance to silver medal / curling mixed final

Yuma Kagiyama [Kanagawa / Seisa International High School Yokohama] is a figure skating organization that has teamed up with players from different countries and regions, marking the boys' top 157.62 points. Won. The gold medal was the team that scored the highest score in the ice dance by Uta Yoshida [Ku Okayama] and Shingo Nishiyama [Tokyo / Meguro Hidaka].

In the semi-finals, Japan beat New Zealand 8-4 in the curling mixed group to advance to the finals. We play against Norway on the 16th. The team consists of two girls and two boys, including Momoka Tabata [Omataka, Hokkaido], a curling girl who will be the captain of the Japanese team. [Joint]

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