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The third installment of the Heisei Rider series, "Kamen Rider Ryuki," will be broadcast on Thursday, February 13 on Toei Channel.

Broken! Survival between riders can be seen in super resolution

The third Heisei Rider, broadcasted for one year from February 3, 2002Kamen Rider Ryuki.

From Thursday, February 13, 2020, a super-resolution version will be broadcast on Toei Channel!

This work incorporates fresh settings where riders fight each other to fulfill their wishes.

Depiction was divided into human drama more than Agito of the previous work, and the personality and principle were also drawn to the appearing riders.

The design became more aggressive than before, including compound eyes and riders without tactile sensations.

By the way, I personally like Night Survival and Alternative Zero. Ryuki'sRoadkillIt's hard to throw away the final vent, but I still think it's these two if it's stylish!

Viewing is a channel contract!

To watch Toei Channel,"SKY PerfecTV","J: COM","Hikari TV"A contract with one of the is required.

See Toei ChannelOfficial page viewing guidePlease see

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