Kamenashi & Yama P gave a special message "Injecting wild pig power!"

KAT-TUN Kazuya Kamenashi [34] and Tomohisa Yamashita [35] appeared on the 18th, one by one, just before the broadcast of the special episode 2 of the NTV drama "Nobuta. sent.

About the film, Kamenashi said, "I had a feeling of nostalgia. I felt once again that I participated in the wonderful work and had a good time with the people who are really nice." talked. In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, "I'm in a really difficult situation right now. In one heart, injecting the power of" wild pig. "Power! Let's overcome both!"

Yamashita also said, "Maybe you watched the first episode of [Special Edition]. I did, but I thought that both of them were very young and very emotional. It is still my treasure that I was involved. " "That's why, please see episode 2!"

The film is a youth drama that made a huge hit with two people appearing in 2005. The first episode of the special episode was broadcast on 11th of this month, and the average household audience rating was 11.0% [according to video research, Kanto area].

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