Kana Sakabayashi of SUPER ☆ GiRLS holds his first “habitable” birthday festival

SUPER ☆ GiRLS Kana Sakabayashi [Kana Sakabayashi] held the “Kana Sakabayashi 23rd Birthday” at Shinagawa J-SQUARE on the 31st.

As soon as the birth festival began and Sakabayashi appeared, BGM of Soranbushi began to flow, and a large banner with photos of Sakabayashi's favorite tuna and Sakabayashi himself was raised. At the end of the production, Sakabayashi catches a tuna balloon with a fishing rod. The production, which lasted for about three minutes, was all performed by fans of Noboru Sakabayashi, including the creation of a banner.

At the “Today ’s Leading Corner”, Sakabayashi sang three songs solo. Applause and laughter occurred from all over the venue, as well as high singing ability, a unique prelude based on the song's prelude, and singing enka with a tuna balloon in one hand.

After that, he talked about the recreation corner and the non-slip story of the Spaga Birthday. At the recreation corner, there were plenty of content that members and fans could enjoy together with “Kizuna Challenge” to pose for a given theme and “Twitter quick-hit confrontation” to quickly hit a specified word.

It was a bright birth festival with a smile like Sakabayashi's strong habit of “habit”, including the unique surprise production of fans and talk of Sakabayashi.

Finally, Sakabayashi concludes, "I'm so busy today that I'm really grateful for this gathering. When I joined Spaga, I wondered if she would follow a mysterious type of person like myself. I am so happy now that I can feel the calories of everyone through this.I hope that at the age of 23, I will be able to deliver my calm love of spaga to everyone. Thank you for GiRLS and Kana Sakabayashi. "

After the birthday, when asked about the one year since joining and the goal for the age of 23, he said, "This day is birthday, and it's been another year since joining, I want to do my best to grow up, and based on my experience over the past year, I want to make it stronger in the second year. ! "

Also, this year's Sagabayashi birth festival has ended all of the Supaga's birth festivals, but the next year's birth festival has already been decided. Be sure to check out Spaga's Birthday, where you can see the members' individual appearances, which you can't see at live shows.

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